• What a pair

  • Violated women

  • Donna de paradiso

  • Christine

  • Carducci and Pascoli

Video promozionale Compagnia Fuori Scena

Fuori Scena Theatre Company, founded in 1989, promotes theatre workshops, laboratories and  internships that let young and adult people start a vocational training in drama.

Drama is a powerful and efficient help in personal growth, it is an important experience in one person’s life and it contributes to:

-having a well-balanced development of personality during adolescence;
- creating an exchange of opinions and communication promoting socialization;
-going beyond prejudices and stereotypes, facilitating integration;
-developing education;
- developing knowledge and one person’s personality ;
- knowing and coping with emotions;
- developing fantasy, imagination and creativity.

All courses have low and accessible registration fees, since we consider  culture  not a luxury for few but an opportunity for most people.
The staff of experts cooperates with schools and University, offering teachers consultation in planning training courses.